The Bistro menu

Entrances and Tapas

Main dishes


Set lunch menu and menu

Sweet potatoes soup, curry and coconut milk, lemongrass -9 €                                 

Pig fingers, gribiche sauce -12 €  

Exotic salad with mango, red cabbage, arugula, cilantro

Chicken skewer with ginger and coriander –13 €            

Cod and crab meat, Thaï peanut sauce -11 €

Homemade smoked salmon, blinis and lemon cream -15 €

Chicken liver salad with raspberry vinegar, lamb’s lettuce and Comté -13 €

Shirred egg, mushroom cream -12 €  


Shrimp biryani (basmati rice with spices, curry, coriander) *-19 €

Grenoble-style skate wing, creamy herb risotto -21 €

Pollack tajine and seasonal vegetables*- 19 €                                              

Panko breaded chicken burger, Comté, arugula,

Tomato and glazed onions, tartar sauce -18 €       

“Bourguignon”style beef stew with lemongrass and rigatoni* – 19€        

Black Angus beef tataki, lamb’s lettuce, homemade French fries and mint cream*- 22€

Confit French pork belly, pork jus with sweet spices* -19€
Grenaille potatoes with thyme

Marinated lamb shoulder served whole (for two people)-29 € per person 

Choice of garnish



Homemade French fries -5 €

Creamy herb risotto- 6 €

Seasonal vegetables -5 €  

All main dishes can be served on request so as to be shared

Cheese Platter-10 € 

Le Petit Jardin’s version of the classic Paris-Brest -9 €

Caramelized apples on Breton shortbread -9 €

Homemade iced nougat, red fruit coulis -9 €

Coffee with dessert selection -12 €

Set lunch menu 27€ :

Main dish with * + café gourmand (coffee with a selection of mini desserts)

From Tuesday to friday except public holidays.