Menu du Petit Jardin 59€


Main courses

Desserts and cheeses


Marbled Foie Gras, Grapefruit Jelly
Grapefruit chutney with four spices, homemade brioche            

Red tuna tartare and tataki with sesame seeds
Peach and balsamic vinegar sorbet

Homemade Octopus and Cuttlefish Ravioli à la Sétoise
Fish soup, aioli espuma

Main Courses

Roasted monkfish with Beetroot flavoured beurre blanc
Yellow beetroot purée with raspberry vinegar

Seared red mullet, taggiasche olive virgin sauce                  
Fennel declination

Matured « Chuck Flap Angus », veal jus                                             
Green pea and mint purée, stuffed pepper, fried garlic

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