Petit Jardin menu 59€ including starter, main course and dessert served at lunchtime and dinner time


Main courses

Desserts and cheeses

Marbled Foie Gras, Grapefruit Jelly
Grapefruit chutney with four spices, homemade brioche
Braised green country asparagus, sorrel panacotta
Creamy peas with mint, sorrel pesto
Homemade Octopus and Cuttlefish Ravioli à la Sétoise         
Fish soup, aioli espuma

Lamb Shoulder confit with thyme juice
Roasted lettuce and mashed broad beans with cumin
Roasted monkfish, cokles sauce and Noilly Prat
Candied celeri and cokles, condiment Granny Smith
Seared Black angus beef Picanha
Vegetable Bayaldi

To chose on dessert menu