Our à la carte menu

Our starters

Our main courses

Our desserts

Salmon tataki with sesame and gravlax salmon with raw fennel, citrus and dill jelly-20 €

Mandarin and balsamic vinegar sorbet

Pressed foie gras with chocolate-20 €

Java pepper and pineapple chutney, homemade brioche

Prawns small raviolis and juice-20

spinach baby leaves, bisque ice cream

 The Beetroot-14 €

Beetroot and fresh goat cheese cannelloni

Chioggia beetroot salad, jelly of raspberry and honey dressing

Marinated mackerel, melting potatoes cubes-14 €

Shallots pickles, curry mayonnaise, lemon confit foam

Pork ravioles with thai bouillon-14 €

Creamy parmesan cheese



Pieces of wild turbot, slightly lemony white butter-38 €

Spinach baby leaves, mashed potato and squash

Filet of sole ballotine “sustainable fisheries“,Noilly Prat and cockles juice-36 €                      

Confit turnips and mashed potato                                                                                                   

Roasted back of cod in a crust-24 €

Wild black rice risotto, cockles and mussels, preserved Pak Choï                                                    

Roasted filet red mullet, rock fish foam-35 €

Butternut gnocchi and spinach baby leaves

Iberian pig Pluma, sweet spices sauce-24 €                    

Salsify Mikado, Swiss chards and sweet potatoes mash

Duck magret cooked at a low temperature, duck and orange juice-24€                                                           

Confit of onion from Cevennes, duck confit crumble

Pan-roasted sweetbreads-36 €

Potato and garlic millefeuille, veal and hazelnut juice

Heart of fillet of Aubrac Beef, potato foam with truffle-36 €                                                                                       

Mashed celery with ginger and reduced meat juice

Fried homemade gnocchis, parmesan cheese cream25 €

Sundried tomatoes, shaving parmesan cheese and thyme oil

Tartlet of confit onion from Cevennes-25 €

Seasonal vegetables, ginger foam


Cheese platter  -16 €
Ice-cream and full fruit sorbet palette -14 €

Fresh fruits

Grand Marnier Soufflé  -16 €

Hot orange preserve, chocolate ice-cream

Sponge cake with muscat wine and citrus declination- 13€

Banana and passion fruit sorbet

Exotic dome on a coconut “Basboussa” biscuit-13€

Yuzu mango sorbet, pineapple and mango nage with fresh mint

 Our Paris Brest-14 €

Caramelized hazelnuts

Chocolate royal-13€

Coffee and chocolate ice cream