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Marbled Foie Gras with sour cherries, cocoa jelly –20 €
Red fruit chutney with four spices, homemade brioche
Trio of oysters: in Granny smith apple jelly, in Thaï tartare, in leek and Chapagne tartare-20 €
Large octopus and cuttlefish ravioli à la Sétoise-20
Fish soup, aioli espuma
Bouchot mussels in a nage with Madras curry and lemon15 €           
Candied red peppers
Perfect egg with Jerusalem artichoke cream-15 €
Toasted bread and Foie gras butter
Homemade smoked mackerel, tender potato cubes-15 €
Pickled red onions, fried capers

Iberian pig pluma, five spice sauce-26 €                 
Sweet potatoe mash with vanilla, spinach and crisps
Farmed guinea fowl, poultry juice-27 €                                         
Exotic cauliflower puree, roasted pineapple
Veal sweetbread roasted in a sautoir, veal jus with savory-43 €
Fingerling potato mousseline and fried girolle mushrooms
Barbaric coast duckling breast, from “Père Léon’s” farm –33 €
Orange duck stock, “Crick” potatoes with wild mushrooms
Mediterranean meagre steak, lemongrass bisque- 36 €
Celery cannelloni with sweet Cévennes onions                                       
Cod back, venere rice risotto-26 €                                               
Saffron sauce
French veal steak cooked at low temperature-34 €
Declinaison around the artichoke, veal juice with hazelnut
Spinach stuffed ravioli, hazelnuts and goat cheese cream-23 €   
Spiced squash velouté
Creamy mushroom risotto-19 €
Grilled artichokes              

Cheese platter16 €    
Ice-cream and full fruit sorbet palette14 €
Fresh fruits
Grand Marnier Soufflé- 16 €
Hot orange preserve, chocolate ice-cream
Our Paris Brest-14 €
Caramelized hazelnuts
“Guyot” pear caramel dome-13 €
Hazelnut and Pecan nut financier, pear sorbet
Corsica Clementine declination, imperial chocolate ganache -13 €
Clementine sorbet
Lemon “trompe-l’oeil”-13
Kosher salt shortbread, lemon sorbet