Our à la carte menu

Our starters

Our main courses

Our desserts

Pressed foie gras with chocolate and crunchy cocoa -19 €

Kumquat chutney

Vegetables cooked and raw with roast jumbo shrimp -19€

Black olive confit and fennel with baby leaf salads

Crispy red tuna half cooked -19€

Green asparagus, yuzu mayonnaise, herbs puree

Mint pea gazpacho -13 €

Fresh goat cheese millefeuille on crispbread 

Artichoke tortellini and crabmeat- 13 €

Lemon and arugula cream, parmesan shavings

Sea bream carpaccio, guacamole hazelnut condiment – 13 €

Candied lemon and celery, herb salad

Quasi veal cooked slowly, potato confit -23 €

Tian of vegetables, garlic cream and veal jus with hazelnut

Frayed of Black Angus beef paleton with green vegetables -23 €

Crushed potato with chives, red wine juice.

Pan-roasted sweetbreads  -36 €

Stir-fried salsifi and girolle mushrooms, fingerling potatoes with hazelnut veal sauce

Roasted pigeon on carcass, dried fruit crust, sweet potato purée  -34 €

Braised sugar, blackcurrant sauce

Open ravioli of seasonal vegetable  -23 €

Chive cream

Grated conchiglioni with white mushrooms  -25 €

Spinach, Comté and nuts

Roasted cod, beans and peas fricassee -23 €
Fine puree of beans and chorizo, parmesan emulsion
John Dory baked on the skin, crispy spelled risotto, red wine with cuttlefish ink -33 €

Crispy of tapioca with sweet spices                                                                  

Sole Meunière (about 600 gr) -49 €

Crushed potato with olive oil

Cheese platter  -16 €
Ice-cream and full fruit sorbet palette -14 €

Fresh fruits

Grand Marnier Soufflé  -16 €

Hot orange preserve, chocolate ice-cream

Strawberry tart with candied rhubarb, basil lemon cream -12 €

Champagne sorbet

Bourbon vanilla and praline in a wafer -12€

Vanilla ice cream quenelle

 Our Paris Brest-12 €

Caramelized hazelnuts

Victoria pineapple roasted under a cloud of milk -12 €

Caramélia chocolate mousse on Breton shortbread

Declination chocolate coffee, Genoa bread  -12 €

Caramel ice cream with fleur de sel