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Our main courses

Our desserts

Pressed foie gras with apricot and rosemary -19 €

Almond lace biscuits

The artichoke, chickpea houmous, grilled purple artichoke and Pélardon cheese mouse -20€

Summer truffle shavings and truffle vinaigrette

Crusty cannelloni stuffed with Tuna tartare -19€

Crispy cucumber salad, Tzatziki coulis

Escabèche-style marinated sardine tart -13€

Stewed onion with thyme, parsley vinaigrette 

Green zebra and pineapple tomato tartare with wild -13€

Watermelon and melon with basil and fresh goat cheese

Cold minestrone, slightly sealed squid with mild spices -13€

Fried red onions

Roasted chicken leg, ginger and lemon preserve -23 €

Hazelnut-flavored artichoke purée, purple artichoke

Glazed and grilled belly of pork -23 €

Mashed potatoes and spicy gravy

Pan-roasted sweetbreads  -36 €

Stir-fried salsifi and girolle mushrooms, fingerling potatoes with hazelnut veal sauce

Heart of fillet of Beef, crispy polenta, grilled onions from Cévennes  -36 €

Juniper gravy and foie gras

Open ravioli of seasonal vegetable  -23 €

Chive cream

Grated conchiglioni with white mushrooms  -25 €

Spinach, Comté and nuts

Steamed cod, curry and lemongrass sauce- 23 €

Creamy risotto with sweet red pepper and coriander, parmesan crisp

Roasted line-fished Seabass, tomatoes and capres -33 €

Cardamom flavored carrot purée, crisp fennel salad                                            

Slow cooked Turbot, cauliflower puree,
corn and bacon foam -35 €

Crusty sphere of parsley-flavored butter, sea-scented sauce            

Sole Meunière (about 600 gr) -49 €

Crushed potato with olive oil

Cheese platter  -16 €
Ice-cream and full fruit sorbet palette -14 €

Fresh fruits

Grand Marnier Soufflé  -16 €

Hot orange preserve, chocolate ice-cream

Sponge cake with muscat wine and citrus declination- 12€

Banana and passion fruit sorbet

Chocolate bar with hazelnut -12€

Salted butter caramel ice cream

 Our Paris Brest-12 €

Caramelized hazelnuts

Blackcurrant and pistachio dacquoise biscuit -12 €

Refreshing Granny Smith apple