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Marbled Foie Gras with cherries, cocoa jelly –20 €
Red fruit chutney with Timut pepper, homemade brioche
Mediterranean red tuna tartare and sesame tataki-20 €
Passion sorbet and Szechuan pepper
Large ravioli of langoustines and crab, creamy celery-20
Spinach small leaves, bisque espuma with lemon grass 
Mulet du Grau du Roi carpaccio and beets14 €           
Fresh raspberry vinaigrette, creamy Saint Maur
Marinated vegetables and eggplant caviar, with pine nuts on a parmesan shortbread-14 €
Poached quail eggs and oregano vinaigrette
Lamb cromesquis confit on a Macau artichoke purée-14 €
Artichoke chips

Whole Breton blue lobster roasted in langoustine butter-69 €
Whisky flambé, small round stuffed zucchini with vegetables and fennel confit with orange
(About 800gr, for one or two people)
Iberian pig pluma, sweet spice sauce-24 €                 
Mashed sweet potatoes with vanilla, spinach and crisps
« Rosé cooked » duck breast, sweet and sour sauce-24 €                                         
Roasted early carrots and orange purée
Veal sweetbread roasted in a sautoir, veal jus with savory-36 €
Fingerling potato mousseline and panfried morels
Aubrac beef tenderloin, full-bodied jus-37 €
Thai style Chinese cabbage cannelloni, wasabi fingerling espuma
Roasted monkfish with Champagne cockle juice- 36 €
Fresh French peas                                       
Lean back of Mediterranean seafood, sage sauce-25 €                                               
Spelled risotto with candied tomatoes and black olives, parmesan
Roasted red mullet fillets on skin, rock fish emulsion-36 €
Variation around fennel
Ravioli stuffed with caponata, mozzarella espuma-23 €   
Spinach young leaves
Mix of young sprouts, small seasonal vegetables-19 €
Vinaigrette with old balsamic vinegar                                          

Cheese platter16 €    
Ice-cream and full fruit sorbet palette14 €
Fresh fruits
Grand Marnier Soufflé- 16 €
Hot orange preserve, chocolate ice-cream
Our Paris Brest-14 €
Caramelized hazelnuts
Strawberry cream cake of Le Petit Jardin-13 €
Strawberry ice cream
Baileys creamy dark chocolate and mousse cigar-13 €
Coffee ice cream
« Like a spilled lemon meringue pie »-14
Lemon basil sorbet