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Mediterranean Bluefin TunaMango and coriander tartare and two sesame tataki-20 €

Balsamic vinegar peach sorbet

Foie gras with gooseberry jelly with Timut pepper- 20 €

Spicy rhubarb chutney, homemade brioche

Prawns small and crab raviolis, consumed-20

spinach baby leaves, bisque ice cream

Perfect egg and wild mushrooms14 €

Creamy mushrooms and brioche soldiers

 Tonnato-style veal piccata-14 €

Country fresh green bean salad and Comté shaving

Salmon duo, gravlax and tataki-14 €
Lime beetroot mousse, dill gel

Roasted Monkfish in Squash-36€

Small Vegetables and Shells Juice with Noilly Prat
Pike perch and meat juice-24 €

Bulgur risotto and caramelized “Boule d’Or” turnip

Roasted filet red mullet, rock emulsion-35 €

Gnocchi with basil, spinach, candied cherry tomatoes

Fried homemade gnocchis, parmesan cheese cream-25 €

Candied cherry tomatoes and rosemary oil

Iberian pig Pluma, sweet spices sauce-24 €

Vanilla sweet potato, spinach and crisps

Roasted Farmer Chicken Supreme with Albufera Sauce-24 € 

Millefeuille of potato rosti and Cevennes sweet onions compote

Pan-roasted sweetbreads-36 €

Ratte potato mousseline, veal juice

Heart of fillet of Aubrac Beef, well-seasoned juice-36 €

Millefeuille of seasonal vegetables, Scarmoza siphon

Cheese platter  -16 €
Ice-cream and full fruit sorbet palette -14 €

Fresh fruits

Grand Marnier Soufflé  -16 €

Hot orange preserve, chocolate ice-cream

Caramel Guyot Pear Dome-13

Hazelnut and pecan nut Financier, pear sorbet

Lemon “Trompe l’oeil”- 13 €

Shortbread with fleur de sel, lemon basil sorbet

 Our Paris Brest-14 €

Caramelized hazelnuts

Finger peanuts and Dulcey Valrhona chocolate-13€

Hazelnut ice cream