Petit Jardin menu 59€ including starter, main course and dessert served at lunchtime and dinner time


Main courses

Desserts and cheeses

Marbled Foie Gras with cherries, sour jelly
Red fruit chutney with four spices, homemade brioche
Trio of oysters: in Granny Smith apple jelly, in Thaï tartare, in leek and Champagne tartare

Large octopus and cuttlefish ravioli à la Sétoise          
Fish soup, aioli espuma

Beef tenderloin, Albufera sauce
“Crick” potatoes and wild mushrooms
French veal steak cooked at low temperature
Declinaison around the artichoke, veal juice with hazelnut
Mediterranean meagre steak, lemongrass bisque
Celery cannelloni with sweet Cévennes onions

To chose on dessert menu