Petit Jardin menu 57€ including starter, main course and dessert served at lunchtime and dinner time


Main courses

Desserts and cheeses

Salmon tataki with sesame and gravlax salmon with raw fennel, citrus and dill jelly

Tangerine and balsamic vinegar sorbet

Pressed foie gras with chocolate

Java pepper and pineapple chutney, homemade brioche

Prawns small raviolis and juice

Spinach baby leaves, bisque ice cream


Roasted filet red mullet, rock fish foam                                   

Butternut gnocchi and spinach baby leaves

Heart of fillet of Aubrac Beef, potato foam with truffl

Mashed celery with ginger and reduced meat juice

Filet of sole ballotine “sustainable fisheries“, Noilly Prat and cockles juice                                                                                                       

Confit turnips and mashed potato                                                                                                   

To choose on dessert menu