Seasonal menu 39€ including starter, main course and dessert, served at lunchtime and dinner time


Main courses

Desserts and cheeses

Mint pea gazpacho 

Fresh goat cheese millefeuille on crispbread

Artichoke tortellini and crabmeat

Lemon and arugula cream, parmesan shavings

Sea bream carpaccio, guacamole hazelnut condiment

Candied lemon and celery, herb salad

Roasted cod, beans and peas fricassee

Fine puree of beans and chorizo, parmesan emulsion

Quasi veal cooked slowly, potato confit

Tian of vegetables, garlic cream and veal jus with hazelnut

Frayed of Black Angus beef paleton with green vegetables

Crushed potato with chives, red wine juice.

Strawberry tart with candied rhubarb, basil lemon cream

Champagne sorbet

Victoria pineapple roasted under a cloud of milk

Caramélia chocolate mousse on Breton shortbread

Declination chocolate coffee, Genoa bread

Caramel ice cream with fleur de sel

Cheese platter (extra 4 €)