Seasonal menu 41€ including starter, main course and dessert, served at lunchtime and dinner time


Main courses

Desserts and cheeses

Mulet du Grau du Roi carpaccio and beets                                                 
Fresh raspberry vinaigrette, creamy Saint Maur
Marinated vegetables and eggplant caviar, with pine nuts on a parmesan shortbread                                                      
Poached quail eggs and oregano vinaigrette
Lamb cromesquis confit on a Macau artichoke purée                      
Artichoke chips

Iberian pig pluma, sweet spice sauce                    
Mashed sweet potatoes with vanilla, spinach and crisps
« Rosé cooked » duck breast, sweet and sour sauce                      
Roasted early carrots and orange purée
Lean back of Mediterranean seafood, sage sauce         
Spelled risotto with candied tomatoes and black olives, parmesan

Strawberry cream cake of Le Petit Jardin                        
Strawberry ice cream
Baileys creamy dark chocolate and mousse cigar                                 
Coffee ice cream
« Like a spilled lemon meringue pie »                        
Lemon basil sorbet
Cheese platter                                                                          extra 4